My Thoughts on the Recent Societal Anger with Law Enforcement

Let me begin by stating that this is not an endorsement/defense of the specific horrific events that have occurred in the last days/weeks/months or years.

With all this anger, on both sides it makes one think. Both sides of this argument want to go home at the end of the day. One side is citizen law enforcement that, given the targeted attacks, is becoming more and more cautious. The other side is the civilian citizenry who feel that their inherent reactions will be viewed as hostile and force may be taken against them. There is no simple answer. Self-preservation is causing a massive overreaction which is quickly swinging out of control.

Without law enforcement, we civilian citizens are left to protecting ourselves from the evils of society. Protecting ourselves from society’s evils, without law enforcement, means that we would naturally fall into groups/gangs of similar cultural-socio-economic backgrounds. Those groups/gangs would not so much as uphold the law as protect a region/group. This would devolve into separated or segregated territories within cities and regions. Without laws, we rely on one another’s rationality.

Law enforcement has increasing become more and more overcautious. All, we need to remember that Law Enforcement personnel are Citizens, like us, that take an oath to uphold the law. They have families as well. When those laws are transgressed, we need to bring those Citizens to justice. Protesting a perceived unjust action is perfectly fine, but I wish some details/investigation would take place prior to the protest. It seems that Social Media is simply making it easier to coordinate an immediate response to a possible injustice. That DOES NOT mean an injustice has taken place. Conversely, I would never paint a picture that shows ALL law enforcement officers as good and perfect. Remember, they are citizens as well. They can commit crimes and do evil in the community, but in a real sense what percentage of that group is actually a true criminal in blue?

Given all this, we all need to calm down before we go over the edge. I feel like we are all getting closer to that edge daily. I love my country, I love my neighborhood, and I love my neighbors. Without that thin blue line, we are teetering on the edge of anarchy and or gang rule. What do you want for your neighborhood? Perhaps, we should stop involving the media at every turn. Perhaps, we should be seeking peace rather than opposition. We are many different people and cultures living under the same flag. We need to look at defusing situations rather than igniting them.

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