September 11, 2001 – Remembrance

12011287_10207840027226522_5342343058605667587_nFourteen years ago today, a country was shaken to its core and from its slumber. An attack, so brutal and swift, that it was immediately apparent that we must do something. It was clear that we needed to make retribution for what had occurred. It was like a bright dawning day of clarity that made everything seem black and white. Without a doubt, it was one of the most troublesome days I will ever remember. As with all clarity, it is fleeting. We seem to have lost the focus and nerve. We don’t remember the why, who, what or where, but we try and remember. Remember the attack, those who were lost. Remember those who went out to exact retribution and were lost, whether in life or in mind. Tell those who do not understand, or were not present, to read about the time of trouble. Tell them to learn, and make them understand. Tell them that there are those who stand against us, but, united, we will not back cowed. We will not back down. We will stand above the enemy, victorious. Remember and teach. Remember and revitalize our focus. Remember.

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