TKD – Green Belt

My place of Instruction: Ocean Tae Kwon Do – Master James Dunbar

January 20, 2012 –  GREEN BELT!  – 9th GUP – New, forms, which are more complicated.  New One Steps, which are more complicated.  New break, shuffle side kick!

Forms – Palgwe Yi Jang (2)

March, 2012 – Green belt, one stripe.  The test are harder now.  They start with my form, then one-steps, then strength (Cardio) test, Sparing and then my break.  Breaking a sweat at every practice and test!  Who am I kidding, breaking a sweat, I am losing 5 pounds of sweat!

Forms – Palgwe Sam Jang (3)

May 2012 – Green Belt, two stripes.  Getting better and learning more.  My kicks are better.  My stance is better.  I am feeling more in tune with my abilities.

Forms – Palgwe Sa Jang (4)

White: Innocence
Yellow: Earth from which a plant grows
Green: The seed that becomes one with the earth
Blue: Sky toward which plant grows
Red: Fire/danger as plant grows towards sun
Black: Maturity and proficiency in Tae Kwon Do

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