My Dad – Update 18 NOV 11

Well, dad sounded good on the phone.  He had the C-PAP on all night and he was ready to go in the morning.  He did his therapy and walked on his own, supervised of course.  He seems to be progressing!

The Longo I type, the Longo you need to read…


2 thoughts on “My Dad – Update 18 NOV 11

  1. al & linda dodson says:

    Hey there. Wanted to check in and see how you are doing. We have been able to check Angelo’s updates and so thankful for him keeping us informed. Sounds like you are doing well and making progress. You are in our thoughts and prayers for your continued healing. Love you al and linda

  2. Hi Ange:
    I am not too swift with this blogging stuff and thought I missed any additional updated you might have made last week. I called dad last night and got no answer in his room. Hopefuly, he was out for a walk. Hope you guys had a great Thanksgiving. I’ll try today again to contact him. Regards, Fred

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