My Dad 18-NOV-11


Sorry it has been so long since I updated you on my father.  He is doing well.  He walked well over 270 feet WITHOUT a cane or brace.  He has started to be able to transition from chair to bed to chair.  He is working towards recover.  He still likes people to visit, and also likes playing SCOPA with all challengers.  He is still affected by tiredness at the end of day, but that is when he is available.  Since his transfer to the Sub-Acute unit, he has more time to visit.  The hospital staff has failed to place his C-PAP machine on him at night and caused him to be VERY tired in the morning.  The PT staff made a large point of making sure the nursing do their job.  Since sometimes they give him a sleeping pill, I assume, the nursing staff thinks that he does not need his C-PAP.  As he has sleep apnea, it is critical that he wears the machine at night.  I hope to update you later.

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