TKD – Yellow Belt

My place of Instruction: Ocean Tae Kwon Do – Master James Dunbar

May 11, 2011.  YELLOW Belt – 12th GUP – Well, I made it!  I am a certified Yellow Belt.  What does that mean?  It means I know just above nothing.  So, I train and train.  I learn forms and one steps.  I increase my stretching, blocking, kicking and punching abilities.  Now, they throw Strength tests in the Formal Tests.  Strength is a euphemism for Endurance (Cardiovascular) testing.

I missed the July TEST!  That means I need to wait two months!

September, 2011 – Yellow belt One stripe.  It feels like I have done these forms and one steps forever, but I am understanding better.  Solid break though.  Flying Side kick!

Forms – Tiger Three, Palgwe Il Jang (1)

November, 2011 – Yellow belt Two stripes. I learned a new form!  Another solid break.  Flying Side kick!

Forms – Palgwe Il Jang (1)

White: Innocence
Yellow: Earth from which a plant grows
Green: The seed that becomes one with the earth
Blue: Sky toward which plant grows
Red: Fire/danger as plant grows towards sun
Black: Maturity and proficiency in Tae Kwon Do

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