My Dad

Nonno, Gigi and Genny


Last night, 04-NOV-11, we visited my father and he is looking to exit rehabilitation before Thanksgiving.  He is working extra rehabilitation exercises, even on the weekends!   As of this point, he has walked many feet, over 90 ft some days, and gone up a full set of steps to the therapist’s happiness.  He is pushing, but that leaves him tired at the end of the day.  So, if you visit, please do not feel upset if he needs to get a nap or go to sleep, as it has been a hard day for him.  His spirits are up and we need to keep him at that level.  If you can visit, dinner time, around 5pm, is the best.  He is still his wily witty self, just a bit tired.

As always, your thoughts and prayers are appreciated, welcome and wanted for both my father and the family.


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