TKD – White Belt

My place of Instruction: Ocean Tae Kwon Do – Master James Dunbar

February 2011.  I started like everyone else.  A white belt.  All of the kids were so much ahead of me, it was a bit intimidating.  Although, this is my 40th Birthday present from my wife, so I am going for it!  I felt like an idiot learning to walk and breath.

March 16, 2011 – WHITE Belt – Two Stripes – 13th GUP –  First Test.  What am I testing?  My ability to look like an idiot?  Oh well here goes!  Basic Movements and I passed!  Two stripe jump!  Now the next test will be for Yellow belt!  How little I knew what I was doing.

Forms – Tiger one, Tiger Two

Belt Color Meanings

White: Innocence
Yellow: Earth from which a plant grows
Green: The seed that becomes one with the earth
Blue: Sky toward which plant grows
Red: Fire/danger as plant grows towards sun
Black: Maturity and proficiency in Tae Kwon Do

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